Fifteen ago The Balsa Gliders stopped listening to indie rock and started playing it.

The Gliders are a loose collective of North Carolinians who formed friendships in Chapel Hill during the 1990s. Their spirited live shows recall some of the anthemic indie rock from the ‘90s that made the Triangle famous. The melodies echo local bands from Let’s Active to Portastatic to even Archers of Loaf.

Now based in Raleigh, Charlotte, D.C. and various other places The Balsa Gliders write and perform alongside an assortment of decidedly “non-indie” day jobs. Bassist Greg Jones is an Episcopal rector with fondness for Motown and Zeppelin. Ben Davis and Charles Marshall are media lawyers who trade Guided By Voices tabs over lunch. Mike Ferguson is a surgeon who loves Propellerhead tools. Chuck Price works at a big bank and admits to liking Better than Ezra. Russ Tisinger has some sort of PhD. They tour in a mini-van.

Friday, January 4, 2013

And a HUGE thanks to the 700+ of you who came out to see us at The Lincoln Theater with The Connells.

We are BACK at the Lincoln Theater on Thursday, January 10 as part of the JLR's ROCK THE BALL Inauguration party with American Aquarium and Big Daddy Love.

Rock the Ball
Thursday, January 10, 9 p.m. - midnight
Location: Lincoln Theater
Entertainment: Balsa Gliders, Big Daddy Love and American Aquarium
Sponsored by: Anheuser-Busch, Belk, Piedmont Natural Gas Company, United Technologies Corporation and Wells Fargo

Ticket price: $20